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 Building People - Through God's Word - Advancing the Kingdom visionary and leader for Restoration of Faith Fellowship, Pastor Terry D. Vincent has served faithfully in the ministry for over 30 years starting from his youth.  The eldest son of 5 siblings to Dr. Bishop John and Lady Barbara Vincent who serves as Pastor/Founder of the Fellowship Church Ministries Int'l., in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Located in the heart of Arlington, Texas, Restoration of Faith Fellowship serves to impact the community at large through countless outreach programs, ministry activities, and kingdom building opportunities.  Presenting the Word of God with Excellence.  He also serves along with his wife, as CEO and Founder of the Mother's Heart childcare learning center.           


Being a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Pastor Terry D. Vincent accepted Christ into his life during a short time of residence there. After moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, he later received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and also received the anointed call to preach the gospel at the age of eight.


Serving for many years as percussionist and the minister of music with his parents in Tulsa, he later relocated to Texas.  This is where he discovered and finally married his wife, Wanda Fleming.  They are the parents of three wonderful children ~ Jeremy, Edwin, and Mariah.


Pastor Vincent has shared his gift from God with a labor of love to help other pastors in their endeavor to advance the kingdom of God. He served as an associate minister and musician at the Faith Family Fellowship in Dallas Texas; also assisted in many ways, the ministry at Refreshing Springs COGIC in Washington D.C.  Finally he served for 11 years as Administrative Assistant at the Cathedral of Faith COGIC. Where he also assisted in producing a CD, namely "MINISTRY" writing and composing 5 of the songs such as: "It's Our Time To Be Bless" - "Minister" - "Thank You For Your Grace" - "He'll Make A Way" - "Joy."  Now he serves as the Pastor of the Restoration of Faith Fellowship in Arlington, Texas.


As a man of vision, he received unction from God through the Holy Spirit to begin the "RestoringFaith Conference" convening in Little Rock, Arkansas, a place inspired by God.  Also receiving the support of Dr. Bishop John Vincent; The primary purpose of this meeting is to enhance, encourage, and edify the Body of Christ through coming together and receiving a revelatory word concerning Faith.

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